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Ribeiro, H., de Souza de Santana, K. V., Oliver, S. L., de Carvalho Rondo, P. H., Mendes, M. M., Charlton, K. & Lanham-New, S. (2020). Does Vitamin D play a role in the management of Covid-19 in Brazil?. Revista de saude publica, 54 53-1-53-6.


The study discusses the possible role of adequate vitamin D status in plasma or serum for preventing acute respiratory infections during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our arguments respond to an article, published in Italy, that describes the high prevalence of hypovitaminosis D in older Italian women and raises the possible preventive and therapeutic role of optimal vitamin D levels. Based on literature review, we highlight the findings regarding the protective role of vitamin D for infectious diseases of the respiratory system. However, randomized controlled trials are currently lacking. Adequate vitamin D status is obtained from sun exposure and foods rich in vitamin D. Studies in Brazil have shown that hypovitaminosis D is quite common in spite of high insolation. Authors recommend ecological, epidemiological and randomized controlled trials studies to verify this hypothesis.



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