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Lynch, D., Powter, B., Po, J. W., Cooper, A., Garrett, C., Koh, E. S., Sheridan, M., van Gelder, J., Darwish, B., Mckechnie, S., Bazina, R., Jaeger, M., Roberts, T. L., De Souza, P. & Becker, T. M. (2020). Isolation of circulating tumor cells from glioblastoma patients by direct immunomagnetic targeting. Applied Sciences, 10 (9), 3338-1-3338-11.


Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most common form of primary brain cancer in adults and tissue biopsies for diagnostic purposes are often inaccessible. The postulated idea that brain cancer cells cannot pass the blood-brain barrier to form circulating tumor cells (CTCs) has recently been overthrown and CTCs have been detected in the blood of GBM patients albeit in low numbers. Given the potential of CTCs to be analyzed for GBM biomarkers that may guide therapy decisions it is important to define methods to better isolate these cells. Here, we determined markers for immunomagnetic targeting and isolation of GBM-CTCs and confirmed their utility for CTC isolation from GBM patient blood samples. Further, we identified a new marker to distinguish isolated GBM-CTCs from residual lymphocytes.



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