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Franklin, A. E., Rhee, J., Raymond, B. & Clayton, J. M. (2020). Incorporating an advance care planning screening tool into routine health assessments with older people. Australian Journal of Primary Health, 26 (3), 240-246.


General practice is arguably the ideal setting to initiate advance care planning (ACP), but there are many barriers. This pilot study was designed to assess the feasibility, acceptability and perceived utility of a nurse-facilitated screening interview to initiate ACP with older patients in general practice. Patients were recruited from four general practices in Sydney, Australia. General practice nurses administered the ACP screening interview during routine health assessments. Patients and nurses completed a follow-up questionnaire consisting of questions with Likert responses, as well as open-ended questions. Descriptive statistics and content analysis were used to analyse the data. Twenty-four patients participated 17 completed the follow-up questionnaire. All patients found the ACP screening interview useful and most felt it would encourage them to discuss their wishes further with their family and general practitioner. Several patients were prompted to consider legally appointing their preferred substitute decision-maker. All six participating nurses found the screening interview tool useful for initiating discussions about ACP and substitute decision-making. This nurse facilitated screening tool provides a simple, acceptable and feasible approach to introducing ACP to older general practice patients during routine health assessments.



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