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Meedya, S. & Boyd, R. (2018). Baby friendly health initiative coordinators meeting: A snapshot. Australian Midwifery News, 18 (3), 42-43.


Supporting, protecting and promoting breastfeeding is one of our midwifery responsibilities. Midwives, child and family nurses, lactation consultants and other health professionals across the globe are working hard to fulfill this responsibility for women and children in different communities. This year we had the Baby Friendly Health Initiative (BFHI) Coordinators' Network Meeting in the Netherlands with one or two representatives of 25 countries attending in person and 8 countries attending online. The representatives at this BFHI coordinators meeting were mainly from developed countries. We were privileged to represent ACM BFHI at this international network meeting. This article takes you with us on our journey in the Netherlands, and includes important snapshots on what we learned from the others.