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Anderson, C., Moxham, L. & Broadbent, M. (2018). Is provision of professional development by RNs to nursing students a choice?. Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing, 35 (4), 34-41.

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Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation

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Reprinted with permission of AJAN


Objective This paper reports on a major category that emerged as a result of a Grounded Theory study that explored Registered Nurses' (RN) understanding of the nursing standard requirement to provide nursing students with professional development during their clinical placements.

Design Grounded Theory study.

Setting Nursing clinical education.

Subjects Fifteen registered nurses participated in this study (n=15). Thirteen were female and two were male.

Main outcome measures In-depth semi-structured interviews were the means of data collection. Constant comparative method was used to analyse data.

Results The notion of choice emerged as a major finding. Choice is conceptualised as choosing whether or not to be involved in the professional development of nursing students. The category choice is informed by two themes; unsuited to teaching, and respecting peers.

Conclusion According to the Australian nursing standards RNs are responsible for providing professional development to nursing students on clinical placements. Results from this Grounded Theory study revealed that participants perceived it is an RNs choice whether or not to provide professional development to nursing students.