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Maksour, S., Ooi, L. & Dottori, M. (2020). More than a Corepressor: The Role of CoREST Proteins in Neurodevelopment. eNeuro, 7 (2), 1-12.


The molecular mechanisms governing normal neurodevelopment are tightly regulated by the action of transcription factors. Repressor element 1 (RE1) silencing transcription factor (REST) is widely documented as a regulator of neurogenesis that acts by recruiting corepressor proteins and repressing neuronal gene expression in non-neuronal cells. The REST corepressor 1 (CoREST1), CoREST2, and CoREST3 are best described for their role as part of the REST complex. However, recent evidence has shown the proteins have the ability to repress expression of distinct target genes in a REST-independent manner. These findings indicate that each CoREST paralogue may have distinct and critical roles in regulating neurodevelopment and are more than simply "REST corepressors," whereby they act as independent repressors orchestrating biological processes during neurodevelopment.



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