Challenges to trauma care delivery for Australian and New Zealand trauma clinicians



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Curtis, K., Gabbe, B., Vallmuur, K., Martin, K., Nahidi, S., Shaban, R., Pollard, C. & Christey, G. (2020). Challenges to trauma care delivery for Australian and New Zealand trauma clinicians. Injury, 51 (5), 1183-1188.


Introduction: The availability and implementation of evidence-based care is essential to achieving safe, quality trauma patient outcomes. Little is documented, however, about the challenges trauma clinicians face in their day-to day practice, or their views on the availability of evidence. This paper presents the most significant clinical practice challenges reported by multidisciplinary trauma care professionals in Australia and New Zealand, in particular those that may be resolved with focussed research or enhanced implementation activity. Methods: An exploratory survey of trauma professionals from relevant Australia and New Zealand professional organisations was conducted between September 2018 and February 2019 using the Snowballing Method. Participants were recruited via a non-random sampling technique to complete an online survey. Thematic analyses were conducted. Results: There were nine significant clinical practice challenge themes in trauma care, arising from 287 individual clinical practice challenges reported. The most reported being clinical management (bleeding, spinal, older patients) and operationalisation of the trauma system. There was no consensus as to the availability of evidence to guide each theme. Conclusion: Future research should seek to address the clinical practice challenge of Australian and New Zealand trauma community to enable safe, quality trauma patient outcomes.

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