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Ghanbari-Homayi, S., Fardiazar, Z., Mohammad-Alizadeh-Charandabi, S., Asghari Jafarabadi, M., Mohamadi, E., Meedya, S. & Mirghafourvand, M. (2020). Developing of a new guideline for improving birth experiences among Iranian women: a mixed method study protocol. Reproductive Health, 17 (1), 17-1-17-10.


BACKGROUND: The childbirth experience has significant effects on the life of the mother and family. However, there are no Iranian studies which evaluate and measure women's childbirth experiences to provide accurate data on this important matter. The aim of this study is to develop a new guideline to improve women's childbirth experiences by meeting their needs and expectations. METHODS/DESIGN: The present study will use the mixed method with the explanatory sequential approach. Phase one is a cross-sectional survey with random cluster sampling of the health centers in Tabriz. Eight hundred primiparous women will be selected to measure their childbirth experiences and predictors factors. Phase two is a qualitative study to explore women's perceptions of the aspects and determinants of the childbirth experience. Phase two participants will be selected using purposive sampling from the women who participated in phase one. Phase three involves developing a new guideline to improve women's childbirth experiences. The new guideline will be developed based on the following elements: a) the results of the qualitative and quantitative data from phase one and two, b) a review of the related literature, and c) expert opinions that have been collected using the Delphi technique. DISCUSSION: By exploring women's childbirth experiences and the influencing factors, a culturally sensitive evidence-based guideline can be developed. The provision of the evidence-based guideline resulting from this study might be effective in improving the quality care of the services for pregnant women. ETHICAL CODE: IR.TBZMED.REC.1396.786.



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