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Pratt, H., Mackay, M., Green, C., Woodhouse, G. & Marriott-Statham, K. (2019). Courageous collaboration in co-constructing learning and teaching resources. International Practice Development Journal, 9 (1), 11-1-11-6.


Background: This paper describes the experiences of a group of academics in a metropolitan university who were invited to collaborate in the co-construction of a postgraduate nursing subject. The principles of practice development and person-centred practice informed our ways of working. This reflection was undertaken by unpacking shared assumptions, using Mezirow’s transformative model of critical reflection.

Aim: The aim of this reflection was to share the experiences of an academic team in collaboratively designing face-to-face learning opportunities for a masters of nursing subject and to invite others to consider this valuable way of working.

Conclusions: Three conclusions were realised within the reflection. First, meaningful connections can be established in the virtual space through the development of authentic relationships. Second, working collaboratively and feeling valued for our contributions can lead to a meaningful investment in time preparing to facilitate learning. And last, having the courage to create a safe space where vulnerability, creativity and flourishing could occur can enhance the facilitation experience and the connection with the students.



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