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Marriott-Statham, K. (2017). A critical reflection on the use of a pop quiz: how a care home is building a person-centred culture by understanding a person's uniqueness. International Practice Development Journal, 7 (1), 7-1-7-7.


Background: Governmental changes sought the merging of the separate residential sections within a regional standalone residential care home in Australia. Nurses working at the facility implemented process changes following action learning sets. A pop quiz was created to help nurses adapt to the changes, asking fun, individualised questions about those they cared for.

Aims: To reflect personally and critically on the thoughts, feelings and practices that emerged among the group of nurses after the implementation of a pop quiz, using Gibbs’ (1988) reflective process. Also, to analyse the effectiveness of the pop quiz in helping create a caring and person-centred culture.

Conclusions: The pop quiz proved a significant tool in raising consciousness among this group of nurses about their contribution to the overall care environment and culture of the home, empowering them to move towards a truly person-centred culture rather than moments of person-centredness.



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