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Gillmore, M., Gissi, F., Golding, L., Stauber, J., Reichelt-Brushett, A., Severati, A., Humphrey, C. & Jolley, D. (2020). Effects of dissolved nickel and nickel-contaminated suspended sediment on the scleractinian coral, Acropora muricata. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 152


2020 Elsevier Ltd Intensification of lateritic nickel mining in Southeast Asia and Melanesia potentially threatens coastal ecosystems from increased exposure to nickel and suspended sediment. This study investigated the response of Acropora muricata when exposed to either dissolved nickel, clean suspended sediment or nickel-contaminated suspended sediment for 7 days, followed by a 7-d recovery period. Significant bleaching and accumulation of nickel in coral tissue was observed only after exposure to high dissolved nickel concentrations and nickel-spiked suspended sediment. No effect on A. muricata was observed from exposure to a particulate-bound nickel concentration of 60 mg/kg acid-extractable nickel at a suspended sediment concentration of 30 mg/L TSS. This study demonstrates that bioavailability of nickel associated with suspended sediment exposure plays a key role in influencing nickel toxicity to corals. These findings assist in assessments of risk posed by increasing nickel mining activities on tropical marine ecosystems.



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