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Ding, X., Salles, T., Flament, N., Mallard, C. & Rey, P. F. (2019). Drainage and Sedimentary Responses to Dynamic Topography. Geophysical Research Letters, Online First 1-10.


Dynamic topography due to mantle flow contributes to shaping Earth's evolving landscapes by affecting sediment routing, which has rarely been explored in source-to-sink contexts. Here we design a generic model to investigate the impact of dynamic topography on both landscape evolution and stratigraphic formations. An imposed wave of dynamic topography propagates laterally under a fixed continent, exerting transient surface uplift and subsidence. We find that a migrating dynamic topography can induce significant drainage reorganizations and affect sediment routing from source to sink. Variations in sediment supply driven by the lateral migrating dynamic topography contribute to the formation of diachronous unconformities along the margin. The predicted sediment flux histories are then put into perspective with the Cretaceous sedimentary records along the Southern African margins. Finally, we demonstrate that correlating offshore depositional hiatuses and unconformities has the potential to constrain the spatiotemporal evolution of past dynamic topography events.

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