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Probst, Y. & Guan, V. (2019). Hoping to get in shape for summer? Ditch the fads in favour of a diet more likely to stick. The Conversation, 17 December 1-5.

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Weight gain can creep up on us. Over the winter months we enjoy foods that create a feeling of comfort and warmth. Many of these foods tend to be higher in calories, usually from fat or added sugars. As we enter the summer months, some of us start to think about getting in shape - and how we're going to look in a bathing costume. These concerns might be met with the temptation to seek a "quick fix" to weight loss. But this sort of approach is likely to mean finding yourself back in the same position this time next year. Looking past the quick fix and fad diets to longer-term solutions will improve your chance of keeping the weight off and staying healthy all year round.