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Moxham, L. J., Stutchbury, T. K., Spinks, G., de Vet, E., Ikutegbe, V., Traynor, V., Taylor, L. & Michielin, N. (2019). Understanding the assistive technology needs of people over 55: The future of mobility aids. Australasian Journal on Ageing, 38 (4), e127-e134.


Objective: To understand mobility issues not adequately serviced by assistive technology (AT). Methods: A two-stage mixed-methods research project that forms the basis of future AT design and manufacture. Stage 1: a focus group comprising 46 participants (people aged 55 years or older with mobility issue/s) and their support networks. Stage 2: a sample of 413 people over 55 completed a purpose-designed survey informed by stage 1, regarding mobility issues and perceived desirability of suggested AT mobility aids. Results: Two core themes emerged: (a) functionality issues relating to existing AT designs and (b) identified mobility issues encountered during activities of daily living that could potentially be resolved by developing new AT. Importance was placed on certain features of AT mobility aids with cost, transportability and aesthetics being primary issues. Conclusion: Consulting end-users and their networks ensures valuable insight into how future AT can better address and target mobility needs.



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