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Craswell, A., Moxham, L. & Broadbent, M. (2013). Computerisation of perinatal data entry: is the data accurate?. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 188 7-13.


Perinatal data (PD) is collected for mothers and babies Australia wide as mandated at a federal level. The data is used to monitor patterns in midwifery, obstetric and neonatal practice and health outcomes and is also used for research purposes, funding allocation and the education of midwives and medical officers. Accuracy in PD is most often reported via quantitative validation studies of PD collections both internationally and within Australia [1]. These studies report varying levels of accuracy in PD collection and suggest researchers need to be more aware of the quality of data they use. This paper presents findings from doctoral research that regarding issues of concern identified by midwives relating to their perceptions of the accuracy of computer PD records. Research, such as that presented in this paper, may improve the robustness of the PD collection and allow for more accurate planning of health services.