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Pai, N., Wijesinghe, N. & Rayers, B. (2013). Clinical psychiatry teaching for medical students: reflections of a psychiatric preceptor in a regional medical school. India Journal of Psychiatry, 55 (5 (Suppl.)), S64-S65.


Abstract of a paper presented at the 65th Annual National Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society, Bangalor, 10-13 Jan, 2013. Aims and Objectives: The purpose of this study was to delineate the process of acquiring basic Psychiatric knowledge and skills during medical education and the internship Period. It was motivated by a need to effectively deliver the steadily increasing scientific knowledge about psychiatric disorders and their treatment to graduate entry medical students. We describe our reflections on being a clinical preceptor for Graduate Students of GSM (Graduate School of Medicine) during the 5 week rotations in Hospital based clinical rotations in Psychiatry.