Limits in endurance performance of octogenarian athletes



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Lepers, R., Stapley, P. J., Cattagni, T., Gremeaux, V. & Knechtle, B. 2013, 'Limits in endurance performance of octogenarian athletes', Journal of Applied Physiology, vol. 114, no. 6, pp. 829-829.


to the editor: A recent study of Trappe et al. (3) showed that the aerobic power of octogenarian lifelong endurance athletes was approximately double that of untrained octogenarians (38 vs. 21 ml·kg−1·min−1). These remarkable aerobic capacities are the highest ever recorded in this age group. However, the impact of the identified physiological capacities on actual endurance performances has not been addressed, as no running performance indicators of the octogenarian athletes were provided in this study. We hereby suggest that, although trained octogenarian athletes can achieve levels of aerobic fitness well above their untrained counterpart, as a group they actually have not yet reached their limits of endurance performance.

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