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Wang, Z., Jones, B. G., Chen, T., Zhao, B. & Zhan, Q. (2013). A raised OIS 3 sea level recorded in coastal sediments, southern Changjiang delta plain, China. Quaternary Research, 79 (3), 424-438.


The distribution of marine-influenced oxygen isotope stage (OIS) 5 to OIS 1 sediments was examined in several late Quaternary boreholes from the southern Changjiang (Yangtze) delta plain, China, using different dating methods including OSL, U-series, AMS 14C and paleomagnetism. Results demonstrate that coastal and estuarine deposition during OIS 5 and OIS 3 occurred throughout the study area. However, Holocene transgressive sediments were absent on the Taihu block. The burial depth of intertidal to subtidal sediment deposited during OIS 5e records 30-80 m subsidence caused by sediment compaction and tectonic movement since that time. However, coastal sediments formed during the late phase of OIS 3 were buried to a depth of ca. 6-15 m in the Taihu Lake area, while the burial depth increased eastward to ca. 45-60 m on the coastal plain. This phenomenon, combined with the distribution of Holocene marine strata, indicates at least 25-30 m uplift of the Taihu block since the end of OIS 3. We suggest that this uplift was mainly caused by the differential subsidence due to substantial amount of post-glacial deposition by the Changjiang and Huanghe Rivers on the continental shelf of east China marginal sea.



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