Managing mixed methods projects



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Halcomb, E. J. & Andrew, S. (2009). Managing mixed methods projects. In S. Andrew & E. J. Halcomb (Eds.), Mixed Methods Research for Nursing and the Health Sciences (pp. 50-64). Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell.


Mixed methods research requires meticulous planning if a project is to be conducted successfully. Beyond the general requirements of research, in terms of having a realistic problem of sufficient interest and the ability and resources to gather the required information, consideration needs to be given to the management of the extensive data collected during the course of a mixed methods investigation. Mixed methods research is likely to be more costly to conduct in terms of the time, skills and resources required compared to a purely qualitative or quantitative study. However, this should be outweighed by the greater insight into the research problem than would have been achieved with a purely quantitative or qualitative investigation. This chapter will explore some of the pragmatic research management issues that researchers may face when conducting mixed methods research and provide guidance in addressing these issues throughout the research process.

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