Impacts of hydrological changes on floodplain wetland biota



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Rogers, K. & Ralph, T. (2011). Impacts of hydrological changes on floodplain wetland biota. In K. Rogers & T. Ralph (Eds.), Floodplain Wetland Biota in the Murray-Darling Basin: Water and Habitat Requirements (pp. 311-328). Collingwood, Vic: CSIRO Publishing.


Floodplain wetland biota exhibit an intrinsic relationship with water whereby flooding is the 'principal driving force responsible for the existence, productivity and interactions of the major biota' (Junk et al. 1989, p. 10). This book documents the current knowledge base for key biota and their habitat and water requirements in the Murray-Darling Basin. However, there are knowledge gaps in our understanding of the associations between floodplain wetland biota and water, and specific relationships remain amorphous for many genera and species. Information regarding the water requirements of biota is particularly pertinent since water became a diminishing resource in the Murray-Darling Basin during the 20th century and is projected to continue its decline in the 21st century due to greenhouse warming-associated climate change.

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