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Gowda, M. R., Pai, N. B. & Vella, S. C. (2013). A pilot study of mental health and quality-of-life of caregivers of children with cleft lip/palate in India. Indian Journal of Psychiatry, 55 (2), 167-169.


Background: There has been insufficient and contradictory research to date on the impacts of caring for a child with cleft lip/palate. Therefore this pilot study sought to investigate the mental health and quality of life of primary caregivers of children with cleft lip/palate. Materials and Methods: Seventy-nine primary caregivers of children with cleft lip/palate awaiting a surgical procedure in India completed questionnaires to measure their mental health, quality of life, and demographic variables. Results: The results indicated that half of the sample suffered from poor mental health and a reduced quality of life. Overall perceptions of quality of life were significantly associated with the age of the child requiring care and the contact hours per day spent with the child. Conclusion: It is apparent that caregivers for this population do suffer from a reduced quality of life and poorer mental health. This is especially relevant for older caregivers and those with greater caring responsibilities.



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