Stress gene expression in growing pigs following respiratory disease challenge



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Kerr, C. A., Briscoe, S. J., Eamens, G. & Giles, L. R. (2005). Stress gene expression in growing pigs following respiratory disease challenge. In J. Paterson (Eds.), Manipulating Pig Production X : Proceedings of the Tenth Biennial Conference of the Australasian Pig Science Association (Inc.) (APSA) 27-30 November (p. 19). Werribee, Victoria: The Association.

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Australasian Pig Science Association Conference


This study aimed to better understand the impact of two respiratory pathogens, Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (MhP) and Pasteurella multocida (Pm), on the stress response as measured by gene expression using qRT-PCR. Sixty-four crossbred female pigs were allocated to individual pens in four rooms. The experiment consisted of four treatments: Control, Pm, Mhp and Mhp followed by Pm. Each treatment group was housed in separate room and procedures were undertaken to minimize the risk of cross-infection between rooms. Inoculation with Mhp occurred on day 0 and Pm on day 21. Blood samples were collected on days -1, 23 and 41 for gene expression. Results showed that respiratory disease upregulated gene expression of SOCS-1, HSP70 and 29a. The combined Mhp+Pm treatment had no additive effect at day 23 for 29a. The expression of some key stress-related genes is indicative of respiratory challenge of at least individual pathogens.

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