Empowering aged care nurses to deliver person-centred care: Enabling nurses to shine



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Marriott-Statham, K., Mackay, M., Brennan, N. & Mackay, J. (2018). Empowering aged care nurses to deliver person-centred care: Enabling nurses to shine. Nurse Education in Practice, 31 112-117.


In this paper, the authors will describe the journey of registered nurses across a series of workshops as part of a research project that was undertaken in a regional aged care service in New South Wales, Australia. The aim of the project was to empower the participant registered nurses to positively influence the health care workplace culture within the residential care home by raising consciousness about their own practice. Registered nurses were actively involved in this reconnaissance phase of a participatory action research project through practice development principles and methods. Registered nurses determined the content and the outcomes of the overall program. The researchers evaluated the impact of a series of workshops, designed to develop skills and knowledge using nominal group technique. Results revealed registered nurses perceived they were empowered to flourish, and developed an understanding of the uniqueness of their role. A shared understanding of the role of the registered nurse in the aged care setting was fundamental in enabling them to feel empowered to lead their team and contribute positively to the workplace culture. Overall, the outcomes of this project have positively impacted workplace culture.

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