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Cabral Carvalho, R. & Lentini, C. Alessandre Domingos. (2011). Sea Surface Temperature and Chlorophyll-a spatial-temporal variation using MODIS-Aqua in the Todos os Santos Bay, Bahia, Brazil. 15th Brazilian Remote Sensing Symposium (pp. 7176-7183).


In this study, the importance of MODIS sensor multispectral imagery on monitoring coastal and oceanic areas as well as marine ecosystems is demonstrated. As an example, the Todos os Santos Bay (TSB), BA, Brazil, was selected. Four 250m Sea Surface Temperature and Chlorophyll-a satellite-derived images were processed to characterize the TSB in 2009, as well as monthly time-series from July 2002 to January 2010 and monthly maps of 2009 off the coast of Bahia. These results were compared to the Brazilian Water Agency (ANA) discharge data and tidal data. They showed the importance of the latter in physical forcing compared to the former. Benefits from MODIS high temporal and spatial resolution data compared to other sensors to date allowed the characterization between different areas within the TSB.