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Cabral Carvalho, R., Netto, A. Minervino. & Lentini, C. Alessandre Domingos. (2011). The Camamu Basin Offshore Environmental Monitoring through Remote Sensing. 15th Brazilian Remote Sensing Symposium (pp. 5997-6003).


In this paper, multispectral remote sensing data from MODIS-Aqua were used to caracterize the Camamu offshore basin and to monitor 6 production wells located in the Manati field, eastern Brazil, showing their great potential for environmental monitoring for the oil drilling and gas industries. Results were based on the interpretation of SST, Chlorophyll-a and K490 derived from the Aqua satellite passes on march 4th and july 12th, as well as, monthly time series for each of these geophysical parameters. SST values show an opposite behaviour when compared to Chlorophyll-a and K490, with the last two parameters changing one order of magnitude seasonally.