Validation of non-invasive central blood pressure devices: ARTERY Society task force consensus statement on protocol standardization


James Sharman, University of Tasmania
Alberto Avolio, Macquarie University
Johannes Baulmann, University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein
Athanase Benetos, University of Lorraine
Jacques Blacher, Hotel Dieu Hospital
C Blizzard, University of Tasmania
Pierre Boutouyrie, European Georges Pompidou Hospital
Chen-Huan Chen, National Yang-Ming University
Phil Chowienczyk, King's College London
John Cockcroft, Cardiff Metropolitan University
J Cruickshank, King's College London
Isabel Ferreira, University of QueenslandFollow
Lorenzo Ghiadoni, University of Pisa
Alun Hughes, University College London
Piotr Jankowski, Jagiellonian University Medical College
Stephane Laurent, University Paris Descartes
Barry McDonnell, Cardiff Metropolitan University
Carmel McEniery, University of Cambridge
Sandrine Millasseau, Pulse Wave Consulting
Theodoros Papaioannou, University of Athens
Gianfranco Parati, University of Milano-Bicocca
Jeong Park, Dankook University College of Medicine
Athanase Protogerou, University of Athens
Mary Roman, Weill Cornell Medicine
Giuseppe Schillaci, University of Perugia
Patrick Segers, Ghent University
George Stergiou, University of Athens
Hirofumi Tomiyama, Tokyo Medical University
Raymond Townsend, University of Pennsylvania
Luc Van Bortel, Ghent University
Jiguang Wang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Siegfried Wassertheurer, Austrian Institute of Technology
Thomas Weber, Klinikum Wels-Grieskirchen
Ian Wilkinson, University of Cambridge
Charalambos Vlachopoulos, University of Athens



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Sharman, J. E., Avolio, A. P., Baulmann, J., Benetos, A., Blacher, J., Blizzard, C. Leigh., Boutouyrie, P., Chen, C., Chowienczyk, P., Cockcroft, J. R., Cruickshank, J. Kennedy., Ferreira, M., Ghiadoni, L., Hughes, A., Jankowski, P., Laurent, S., McDonnell, B. J., McEniery, C., Millasseau, S. C., Papaioannou, T. G., Parati, G., Park, J. Bae., Protogerou, A. D., Roman, M. J., Schillaci, G., Segers, P., Stergiou, G. S., Tomiyama, H., Townsend, R. R., Van Bortel, L. M., Wang, J., Wassertheurer, S., Weber, T., Wilkinson, I. B. & Vlachopoulos, C. (2017). Validation of non-invasive central blood pressure devices: ARTERY Society task force consensus statement on protocol standardization. European Heart Journal, 38 (37), 2805-2812.


The original Riva-Rocci method to measure blood pressure (BP) using a cuff at the upper arm assumed the pressure obtained by this technique was a good proxy for central aortic BP.1,2 The clinical (prognostic) importance of brachial cuff BP is undeniable for both the assessment of cardiovascular risk associated with elevated BP and the benefits of treatment-induced BP reduction.

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