East meets West in reflective practice



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Wanda, D., Wilson, V. & Fowler, C. (2014). East meets West in reflective practice. Nurse Education Today, 34 (12), 1417-1419.


Reflective practice is a well-established concept in the education of professionals (Boud, 2010). The ability to reflect in and on practice is recognized as a crucial professional skill (Schön, 1987). Reflective practice is identified as assisting bridge the theory-practice gap by connecting what is taught about a theory and what is delivered in practice (Asselin, 2011) enabling the linking and reinforcement of theoretical and practical knowledge (Hatlevik, 2012). Reflective practitioners make this possible by utilizing a cyclical learning process; reflecting on past experiences in order to gain new knowledge about their practice and themselves as nurses (Johns and Watson, 2000).

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