A comparison of two systemic family therapy reflecting team interventions



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Mitchell, P., Rhodes, P., Wallis, A. & Wilson, V. (2014). A comparison of two systemic family therapy reflecting team interventions. Journal of Family Therapy, 36 (3), 237-254.


This research focused on exploring the experience of fifteen families who attended a first session of systemic family therapy, with reflecting team feedback being delivered in two different formats. In the first the interviewer consulted with the reflecting team alone after the therapy session while the family took a break and then provided feedback directly to the family. In the second the interviewer and family exchanged rooms straight after the session and the reflecting team provided feedback in conversation with each other. Families in both conditions of systemic family therapy described how the presence of a team led to a heightening of their emotion in session, a factor that served to effect a change in family interaction. For families in the first condition the consultation break reduced these intense emotions and provided a unique opportunity to continue independent discussions outside the therapy room. In contrast, those in the second condition reported that their experience was more exciting but it made information retention difficult. For this reason, the use of a therapeutic letter with this group was a crucial aspect of follow-up intervention.

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