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Vallotton, P., van Oijen, A. M., Whitchurch, C. B., Gelfand, V., Yeo, L., Tsiavaliaris, G., Heinrich, S., Dultz, E., Weis, K. & Grünwald, D. (2017). Diatrack particle tracking software: Review of applications and performance evaluation. Traffic, 18 (12), 840-852.


Object tracking is an instrumental tool supporting studies of cellular trafficking. There are three challenges in object tracking: the identification of targets; the precise determination of their position and boundaries; and the assembly of correct trajectories. This last challenge is particularly relevant when dealing with densely populated images with low signal-to-noise ratios-conditions that are often encountered in applications such as organelle tracking, virus particle tracking or single-molecule imaging. We have developed a set of methods that can handle a wide variety of signal complexities. They are compiled into a free software package called Diatrack. Here we review its main features and utility in a range of applications, providing a survey of the dynamic imaging field together with recommendations for effective use. The performance of our framework is shown to compare favorably to a wide selection of custom-developed algorithms, whether in terms of localization precision, processing speed or correctness of tracks.



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