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Weston, K. M., Mullan, J. R., Rich, W. C., Crowther, S., Bushnell, J. A. & McLennan, P. L. (2017). Graduating work-ready professionals: Research competency as a critical curriculum component. Curriculum and Teaching, 32 (1), 25-44.


Research skills are fundamental to the building of the evidence basis of professional practice, are at the core of lifelong professional learning and are the keys to discovery, innovation and knowledge transfer. Research competency is thus increasingly recognised as an important educational goal for graduates in many professions. This paper describes a flexible program, adaptable to any professional course of study that allows students to engage in meaningful, scholarly and authentic research. Students are supported to undertake a research activity that spans the research continuum from development of a research question through to dissemination of findings, and strategic points in-between.



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