Developing Emotionally Intelligent Leadership in Higher Education



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Parrish, D. (2011). Developing Emotionally Intelligent Leadership in Higher Education. Switzerland: Peter Lang Publishing Group.


Leadership is a much debated topic and one that has generated abundant research with regard to the competencies, factors, principles, attributes, traits, behaviours and qualities that beget effective leadership. Countless articles, books and reference literature have attempted to answer the question of 'What makes an effective leader?' In response to this question, numerous theories, attributes and models of effective leaders and leadership have been proposed. Leadership in higher education has also been widely researched over a sustained period to identify elements, practices and aspects of effective leadership (Rowley 1997; Ramsden 1998; Rantz 2002; Gibbs, Knapper & Picinnin 2006; Bryman 2007a; Bryman 2007b; Scott, Coates & Anderson 2008). In the context of this research study the broad conceptualisation of effective leadership is perceived as the ability to successfully move others toward a desired mission or goal.

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