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Ashley, C., Halcomb, E., Brown, A. & Peters, K. (2018). Experiences of registered nurses transitioning from employment in acute care to primary health care – quantitative findings from a mixed-methods study. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 27 (1-2), 355-362.


Aims and objectives: To describe the experiences of registered nurses who transition from acute to primary health care (PHC) employment.

Background: Internationally the provision of health care in PHC settings is increasing. Nurses are moving from acute care employment to meet the growing demand for a PHC workforce. However, little is known about the transition experiences of these nurses.

Design: A sequential mixed-methods study comprising a survey, and semi-structured interviews. This study reports on survey findings relating to the transition experience.

Methods: Convenience and snowballing techniques were used to recruit 111 registered nurses who had transitioned from Australian acute settings to PHC employment within the last 5 years. An online survey gathered data relating to personal and professional demographics, type of PHC setting and transition experiences.

Results: Most respondents (n = 90, 81.1%) reported receiving some orientation, although the length and content varied considerably. Those working in metropolitan locations were more likely to report concerns associated with their orientation, with respondents from rural or remote locations more likely to have access to a preceptor than city/metropolitan respondents. Just under half of respondents found prioritising workload (n = 47; 42.7%) or organisational knowledge (n = 45; 40.9%) difficult or very difficult, and 47.7% (n = 53) felt isolated or unsupported. 49.5% (n = 55) reported being overwhelmed with the new role either sometimes or regularly. Barriers to transitioning successfully included limited employer support to attend professional development activities.

Conclusions: Availability of specific support measures may assist in the transition process. Findings from our study should be considered by employers when recruiting nurses new to PHC, and when designing orientation and ongoing education programmes.

Relevance to clinical practice: This study highlights the challenges faced by nurses who transition from acute care into PHC employment. Understanding the barriers and facilitators to successful transitions enhances the process for future recruitment and retention of PHC nurses. This evidence can inform managers, educators and policymakers in developing support programmes for nurses moving into PHC.



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