Coordinators leading advancement of sessional staff (CLASS)



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Lefoe, G., McKenzie, J., Malfroy, J., Ryan, Y. & Parrish, D. (2010). Coordinators leading advancement of sessional staff (CLASS). GERDSA 2010


The focus of this ALTC funded leadership project is to establish a leadership capacity building framework for cross-disciplinary networks to support subject co-ordinators in their role of leading the teaching team. We build on a key finding from the RED Report that leadership and management of sessional teaching staff is a component of the role of subject co-ordinators who frequently have little support to develop their understanding of this role yet these people are critical in ensuring 'quality teaching practices' for our students. The purpose of the project is to address this identified gap through embedding quality practices. The project will enhance coordinators' capacity to lead their teaching teams in the context of their subjects, while engaging in and reflecting on their own leadership development in a collegial and supportive network of peers. The first stage of the project has involved an audit of current resources within Australasian institutions through the Council of Academic Directors of Academic Development and the development of role statements, resources and trigger videos relevant to subject coordinators. The showcase will share this output and invite participants to provide feedback and peer review the trigger video clips of common dilemmas faced by subject co-ordinators in working with sessional staff and possible responses from a leadership perspective. Through targeting small steps for incremental change at the subject level this program provides opportunity for staff at multiple levels to start thinking differently about the role and contributions of both subject co-ordinators and sessional staff.

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