Three-dimensional bioprinting speeds up smart regenerative medicine



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Gu, Q., Zhu, H., Li, J., Li, X., Hao, J., Wallace, G. G. & Zhou, Q. (2016). Three-dimensional bioprinting speeds up smart regenerative medicine. National Science Review, 3 (3), 331-344.


Biological materials can actively participate in the formation of bioactive organs and can even control cell fate to form functional tissues that we name as the smart regenerative medicine (SRM). The SRM requires interdisciplinary efforts to finalize the pre-designed organs. Three-dimensional (3D) printing, as an additive manufacturing technology, has been widely used in various fields due to its high resolution and individuation. In SRM, with the assistance of 3D printing, cells and biomaterials could be precisely positioned to construct complicated tissues. This review summarizes the state of the SRM advances and focuses in particular on the 3D printing application in biofabrication. We further discuss the issues of SRM development and finally propose some approaches for future 3D printing, which involves SRM.

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