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Stephens, M., Dewing, J., Brown, A., Middleton, R. & Neville, V. (2016). Celebrating international collaboration: reflections on the first Virtual International Practice Development Conference. International Practice Development Journal, 6 (2), 3-1-3-16.


This article reports on the first Virtual International Practice Development Conference, held in May 2015 to celebrate International Nurses Day. The article describes key aspects of its planning, offers a flavour of the event itself and sets out an evaluation, including learning points and recommendations to assist with planning similar events in the future. Central to our learning are:

  • The need for practice developers to grasp skills in technology associated with virtual space
  • The need to embrace virtual space itself as another means by which creative and communicative spaces can be established for active learning and practice development activities
  • The potential advantages that international virtual engagement has over face-to-face national or international engagement

The delivery of this virtual event made a significant international contribution to global practice development activity within the International Practice Development Collaborative and to enabling practice developers to connect and celebrate on a more global basis.

Implications for practice:

  • Virtual space technology skills can assist with sharing and translating practice development research, innovations and critical commentary
  • Virtual space can provide an adjunct to creative and communicative learning spaces
  • Global networking opportunities can be developed and enhanced through the use of virtual space technology
  • Practice developers need to role model the use of virtual technologies



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