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Fu, X. (2014). The De (T, t) plot: A straightforward self-diagnose tool for post-IR IRSL dating procedures. Geochronometria: journal on methods and applications of absolute chronology, 41 (4), 315-326.


This study presents a new self-diagnose method for the recently developed post-IR infrared stimulated luminescence (pIRIR) dating protocols. This criterion studies the dependence of equivalent dose (De) on measurement-temperature (T) and time (t), by applying the De (t) analysis to the IRLS and pIRIR signals measured under different temperatures, and combines these De (t) plots into one, so-called the De (T, t) plot. The pattern of the De (T, t) plot is shown to be affected by anomalous fading, partial bleaching and non-bleachable signal. A De plateau can be achieved in the De (T, t) plot only when the effects of these factors are insignificant. Therefore, this plot can be used as a self-diagnose tool for the validity of pIRIR results. The De (T, t) analysis has been applied to four recently developed pIRIR protocols, using aeolian samples with different ages. The results show that this self-diagnose tool can be applied to different pIRIR protocols for validating the pIRIR dating results and evaluating the pIRIR measurement conditions.



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