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Middleton, R. (2017). Critical reflection: the struggle of a practice developer. International Practice Development Journal, 7 (1), 4-1-4-6.


Context: Critical reflection is espoused as aligning with person-centred approaches and with being an effective person-centred facilitator. Knowing 'self' represents a key prerequisite of being an effective person-centred facilitator. This attribute is essential for personal growth and for helping create the conditions that enable others to grow.

Aims: This article seeks to explore why critical reflection is difficult for some, sharing personal stories of a practice developer's experiences of wrestling with reflective models and learning to critically reflect in a meaningful way.

Questions for practice:

  • How can practice developers earnestly engage in reflection?
  • Is it necessary to be bound by historical models of reflection?
  • How does critical companionship foster and encourage engagement in critical reflection?



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