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Carvalho, R. C. & Woodroffe, C. D. (2015). From catchment to inner shelf: insights into NSW coastal compartments. 24th NSW Coastal Conference (pp. 1-14).


This paper addresses the coastal compartments of the eastern coast by analysing characteristics of the seven biggest catchments in NSW (Shoalhaven, Hawkesbury, Hunter, Manning, Macleay, Clarence and Richmond) and coastal landforms such as estuaries, sand barriers, beaches, headlands, nearshore and inner shelf, providing a framework for estimating sediment budgets by delineating compartment boundaries and defining management units. It sheds light on the sediment dispersal by rivers and longshore drift by reviewing literature, using available information/data, and modelling waves and sediment dispersal. Compartments were delineated based on physical characteristics through interpretation of hydrologic, geomorphic, geophysical, sedimentological, oceanographic factors and remote sensing. Results include identification of 36 primary compartments along the NSW coast, 80 secondary compartments on the South and Central coast, and 5 tertiary compartments for the Shoalhaven sector.