Seven-membered rings



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Meyer, A. G., Smith, J. A., Hyland, C., Williams, C. C., Bissember, A. C. & Nicholls, T. P. (2016). Seven-membered rings. In G. W. Gribble & J. A. Joule (Eds.), Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry (pp. 579-622). Amsterdam, Netherlands: Elsevier.


This chapter aims to provide an overview of the key synthetic methods, reactions, and applications reported in 2015 in the area of seven-membered heterocyclic compounds. Most of the focus has centered on benzo-derivatives containing at least one N atom, and has been driven by the search for new heterocycles with biological activity and the total synthesis of natural products. New synthetic methods of interest have included transition metal-catalyzed, dipolar cycloaddition, cascade and C-H functionalization processes. The increasing number of reports on the chemistry of heterocyclic compounds containing four or five N, O, or S atoms is also covered.

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