Approximating the face of 'Aunty': a question of likeness



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Hayes, S., Buckley, H., Bradley, R., Milne, N. & Dennison, J. (2012). Approximating the face of 'Aunty': a question of likeness. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory, 19 (2), 306-321.


This paper describes two approaches to the facial approximation of three individuals from the Wairau Bar burial site (New Zealand). Two individuals were approximated working in direct reference to the remains and incorporated manual drafting. The third individual, 'Aunty' (the respectful title given by the iwi Rangitane elders) was approximated from CT scans and using computer graphics. The computer graphic approach enabled a greater level of precision in the application of the research and recommendations that inform a facial approximation, and facilitated collaboration with appropriate expertise. The computer-graphic approach, however, also resulted in a more photographic facial appearance, which can imply a greater level of knowledge about hard/soft tissue relationships than is currently available.

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