Sinter plant operations: hazardous emissions



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Mou, J. & Morrison, R. John. (2016). Sinter plant operations: hazardous emissions. In P. Cavaliere (Eds.), Ironmaking and Steelmaking Processes: Greenhouse Emissions, Control, and Reduction (pp. 75-98). Switzerland: Springer.


This article presents an outline of the iron ore sintering process, which introduces the blast furnace slag-forming requirements to allow an understanding of the required adjustments to flux addition in the sintering process; some basic concepts of the sintering reactions are also introduced. The recovery of miscellaneous wastes using high S, N, Cl content materials in sinter plants has been associated with some hazardous emissions, such as dust, NOx, SOx, and dioxins. The formation mechanism of these hazardous pollutants and some practical countermeasures are discussed.

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