Sinter plant operations: raw materials



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Mou, J. & Morrison, R. John. (2016). Sinter plant operations: raw materials. In P. Cavaliere (Eds.), Ironmaking and Steelmaking Processes: Greenhouse Emissions, Control, and Reduction (pp. 3-26). Switzerland: Springer.


The raw materials for an integrated steelworks can be classified into four categories, which are iron ores, fluxes, fuels, and reverts. The characteristics of these raw materials strongly affect the metallurgical properties of iron ore sinter and sinter plant performance. An optimal ore blend design is therefore essential to produce low cost and high quality hot metal. Without doubt, some hazardous components are brought into the production process, and therefore, there are some associated pollutants. A good preparation of raw materials is the first step for in-process anti-pollution action. This chapter will introduce the common materials used in iron ore sintering and the handling procedures in an integrated steelworks.

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