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McLennan, P. L. & Pepe, S. Weighing up fish and omega-3 PUFA advice with accurate, balanced scales: stringent controls and measures required for clinical trials. Heart Lung and Circulation. 2015; 24 (8): 740-743.


[Editorial] Your patients seek sage health and therapeutic advice. However, focussing on strong evidence-based advice is challenging while wading through disparate clinical studies and dispelling the confusing, sometimes apparently contradictory, out-of-context or incorrect messages trafficking to the public via news and internet media, fuelled by the noisy plethora of commercial 'nutriceutical' and 'food pharmacy' products. The cardiovascular benefits of dietary omega-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LC PUFA) have been of increasing public and health professional attention and interest for the past several decades. It is therefore timely and important that such benefits are reviewed by Nestel et al., in this issue of Heart Lung and Circulation [1]. In this update of the 2008 National Heart Foundation of Australia (NHF) recommendations on clinical evidence for omega-3 PUFA in prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, Nestel et al. conclude that whilst there are clear benefits of eating fish, there is no additional support to recommend the use of refined fish oil supplements.



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