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Grafenauer, S. J., Beck, E. J., Tapsell, L. & Batterham, M. J. 2012, 'Categorisation of non-core foods and drinks consumed by a clinical sample in an intervention trial', Australasian Medical Journal, vol. 5, no. 12, pp. 710-710.


Non-core foods are discouraged in favour of core foods in dietary guidelines. Australian data indicates that consumption of non-core foods and drinks, or 'extra' foods, exceeds 20% of energy, the recommended limit for the healthy population. While energy-dense, nutrient poor choices are associated with excessive energy intake and weight, we found that trial participants who reported consuming greater amounts of non-core foods and drinks at baseline, lost more weight at 3 months than those consuming foods closer to guideline recommended foods. However, more detail about the types of non-core foods is required to give effective dietary advice.