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Hueni, A., Chisholm, L., Suarez, L., Ong, C. & Wyatt, M. (2012). Spectral information system development for Australia. In C. Arrowsmith, C. Bellman, W. Cartwright, K. Reinke, M. Shortis, M. Soto-Berelov & L. Suarez Barranco (Eds.), Proceedings of the Geospatial Science Research 2 Symposium (pp. 1-11). Melbourne, Australia: RMIT University.


Scientific efforts to observe the state of natural systems over time, allowing the prediction of future states, have led to a burgeoning interest for organised storage of spectral field data and associated metadata, seen as being key to the successful and efficient modeling of such systems. A centralised system for such data established for the Australian remote sensing community aims to standardise storage parameters and metadata thus fostering best practice protocols and collaborative research. Supported by the Australian National Data Service (ANDS), whose aim is to promote connections between data, projects, researchers and institutions, a spectral information system based on the already operational SPECCHIO spectral database system is being augmented to specifically meet the needs of the Australian remote sensing community, and is aligned with the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) Auscover facility. In this paper we outline the envisaged dataflow and usage of the system as a case study within the context of TERN Auscover. The development of a national spectral information system will not only ensure the long-term storage of data but support scientists in data analysis activities, essentially leading to improved repeatability of results, superior reprocessing capabilities, and promotion of best practice.