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Galea, L. M., Dalton, S. M. C., Beck, E. J., Cashman, C. J. & Probst, Y. C. (2016). Update of a database for estimation of whole grain content of foods in Australia. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, 50 23-29.


Food composition data is essential for calculating consumption based on reported dietary intake. Inclusion of the whole grain content of foods in food composition databases is limited. In Australia, quantification of whole grain composition does not include all foods within the current survey database, AUSNUT (Australian Food, Supplement and Nutrient) 2011-13. This study aimed to update an existing Australian whole grain database to include all foods and food products within AUSNUT 2011-13 (n = 5741). Whole grain content (g) per 100 g was calculated using a systematic recipe-based approach, and input from industry stakeholders, product packaging, and ingredient lists. Overall 590 foods were identified as containing whole grain. Cereals and cereal products formed the majority (43%) of the database. Foods with whole grain content 100.0 g/100 g were raw or puffed whole grains, whole grain flours, and ready to eat cereals made from 100% whole grains. Considerable variation in whole grain content exists between and within food groups. The updated database may be a useful tool for assessing whole grain content of Australian food intake data. Application will allow estimation of whole grain intake in highly varied Australian population groups.



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