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Neale, E. P., Probst, Y. C. & Tapsell, L. C. (2016). Development of a matching file of Australian food composition databases (AUSNUT 2007 to 2011-13). Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, 50 30-35.


Changes to the food supply and analytical methods necessitate updating food composition databases over time. In Australia, survey-specific databases include AUSNUT 1999, 2007, and 2011-13. There is no standardized method to match AUSNUT 2007 foods to 2011-13 counterparts. This study aimed to develop an AUSNUT 2007 to 2011-13 matching file, and demonstrate its use in the clinical trial context. Food items aligned with AUSNUT 2007 were back-matched to 1999 and then forward to 2011-13 using food identification codes and existing matching files. Any unmatched AUSNUT 2007 foods were manually matched to appropriate 2011-13 foods based on conceptual and nutritional similarities. The file was then applied to clinical trial data originally collected using AUSNUT 2007. Of the n = 3874 products in AUSNUT 2007, n = 1270 were initially matched to 2011-13 equivalents using existing matching files. Of these foods, n = 1070 were deemed to have an acceptable one-to-one match. A total of n = 2804 AUSNUT 2007 foods required manual matching. Application to clinical trial data found small differences in nutrient intake between original and converted data. The AUSNUT 2007 to 2011-13 matching file will facilitate conversion of dietary data originally collected using AUSNUT 2007 into 2011-13 foods and groups, and to allow re-coding of intake data.



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