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Neale, E. P., Cossey, A., Probst, Y., Batterham, M. & Tapsell, L. C. (2012). Effectiveness of dietary advice to increase fish consumption over a 12 month period. Food and Nutrition Sciences, 3 (4), 455-460.


Habitual fish consumption is associated with numerous health benefits; however, in Australia fish intake remains low. The aim of this study was to compare the effect of specific or general fish consumption recommendations on fish intake behavior over the duration of a 12-month clinical trial. Participants were randomized into a control group (general die-tary advice), and two intervention groups (received dietetic advice to consume 180 g fish/wk), with one intervention group receiving LC omega-3 PUFA supplements. Dietary data was available for n = 117 at baseline, n = 85 at 3 months and n = 63 at 12 months. Total, fatty and lean fish intake (g/day) was calculated, and the change in fish intake between and within groups over the duration of the study was measured. Total fish consumption did not differ significantly be-tween groups or within groups, however fatty fish intake was significantly greater in the intervention groups at three months (p = 0.004). The proportion of study participants complying with fish intake recommendations was also highest at the three month time point for both intervention groups. Overall, compliance to fish intake recommendations was highest at the three month time point and appeared to be influenced by dietetic intervention. Provision of fish may in-crease compliance in future studies, however if research is to be translated to practice, behavioral approaches are re-quired to increase fish intake in the long term.



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