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Charlton, K. E. (2016). Food security, food systems and food sovereignty in the 21st century: a new paradigm required to meet Sustainable Development Goals. Nutrition and Dietetics, 73 (1), 3-12.


This first issue of the Nutrition & Dietetics for 2016 focuses on food security. As an introduction to the broad spectrum of papers contained therein, this review will consider current definitions of food insecurity and then go on to discuss how to address the determinants of food insecurity (Table 1)4 within a new paradigm defined by the SDGs, as follows: • People (end poverty and hunger); • Planet (ensure sustainability of resources and arrest climate change); • Prosperity (encourage equity and promote technological advancement); and • Peace Partnership (strengthen global solidarity). The review will also consider training and educational needs for public health nutritionists and dietitians to become competent in this complex and multidimensional area of practice.



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