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Aromataris, E., Fernandez, R., Godfrey, C., Holly, C., Khalil, H. & Tungpunkom, P. (2014). Methodology for JBI umbrella reviews. Joanna Briggs Institute Reviewers' Manual: 2014 edition / Supplement (pp. 1-34). Australia: The Joanna Briggs Institute.


Every year the Joanna Briggs Institute publishes a Reviewers' Manual, which is designed to support individuals who are undertaking systematic reviews following JBI methodologies and methods. This chapter represents the latest work and methodological development of the Institute that was not ready for inclusion in the 2014 edition of the Reviewers' Manual that was published in January. As with the Reviewers' Manual we recommend that this chapter be utilised in conjunction with the JBI SUMARI User Guide. Please note that this chapter makes reference to forthcoming analytical modules that do not currently exist in the JBI SUMARI software suite, but should be available in 2015. For advice on how to best apply the current software to accommodate this new methodology please contact the Synthesis Science Unit of the Institute at jbisynthesis@adelaide.edu.au.